Propane Cylinder Exchane Training Propane Cylinder Exchane Training

Propane Cylinder Exchange

safely handling propane

Safety Workshop

Propane cylinder exchange certification,  will be taught on location in the surrounding areas of Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Toronto, London, Kitchener, St. Catherines, Mississauga,  Buffalo, New York and Detroit Michigan

Propane Cylinder Exchamge

Propane cylinder exchange training will teach the basics of safely handling and exhanging a propane cylinder for a forklift or BBQ. Once this certified course is completed trainees will be able to identify specific health & safety hazards associated with changing a propane tank on a Industrial Propane Powered Forklift.

This onsite classroom course will review fines & penalties relating to non-compliance with the Ontario Energy Act. Besides completing a "True & False" test, all trainees will be required to change a propane tank on an Industrial Forklift / Lift Truck, or propane heater (site specific) in a competent manner. Upon successful completion of the theory and practical evaluations each participant will receive a wallet card. This certificate be valid for (3( years. If you have a propane powered lift truck your operators will be required to be certified in the handling of propane. We can combine the lift truck training and propane certification at the time of booking your classes.

 Course Outline

  • Propane cylinder exchange training course will instruct participants on correct propane cylinder exchange procedures.
  • Propane Training Theory:
  • Review, explain and discuss the Energy Act, & specifically "B149.2" propane segment.
  • Review fines & penalties relating to non-compliance with the Ont. "Energy Act".
  • Define physical properties relating to propane, source as a byproduct.
  • Review hazards associated with handling propane.

Please review the complete course outline.