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Lockout Tagout Training

LOTO Certification Course

Hazardous Energy Control

Onsite lockout tagout training and consulting throughout Ontario including Oakville, Mississauga, Scarborough, Markham, London, Kitchener, St. Catherines,  Niagara Falls, Canada,  as well as select cities in United States.

Lockout Tagout

Locking out machinery
Lockout tagout training, It is the law under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, whether it is  Lockout Tagout inToronto, Hamilton, London or the United States you must control hazardous energy when doing maintenance on your machinery, to avoid serious injury and in some cases death. The BRight Group Inc has put together a specially design onsite training program for LOTO certification that will expedite the training, and assist those trainees that suffer from illiteracy, passing on valuable savings and production time for the company.

We will also review legal applications / ramifications, OH & SA related fines, penalties when not locking out machinery properly in the workplace.. The controlling hazardous energy course will also involves a classroom test and a group discussion which will cover some of the does and don'ts when locking out your machinery. Review the course outline and call us today to book your lockout tagout classes. We can also train and certify you in machine guard training and punch press operator.