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Walkie training / Reach truck training services most cities in Ontario and select cities in the USA,  Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Scarborough, Simcoe, Niagara Falls etc. This safety training course is CCOHS and OSHA recognized.

Wakie Review

Walkie / Reach Truck
Onsite wakie training, also referred to as (walkie, low lift walkie rider, pallet jack, pallet truck, stacker and reach truck training). Our low lift truck safety training courses also includes motorized reach trucks as well. 

We have years of experience training people on a wide range of industrial lifting devices such as the lift truck, scissor lift, skid steer and the overhead crane. All our courses meet or exceed the Occupational Health and Safety Act for CCOHS in Canada and OSHA in the United States. The walkie training will teach the partipants how to identify and avoid specific health and safety hazards associated with the operation of a walkie. 

Our operator courses are unique in that they were developed to assist those employess in the workplace that have difficulties readining and writing. The added benefit that is passed on the company is that it saves them prodution time, which leads to saving money. These programs take half the time to teach then similiar packages that other companies offer.