Train The Trainer Train The Trainer For Forklift, Aerial Platform, Overhead Crane

Train The Trainer

Safety Training Courses

Learn To Be A Trainer

Our train the trainer safety training courses cover forklift, overhead crane and aerial platform. Taught by our professional trainers onsite throughout Ontario including: Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, Ottawa, Kingston, Colborne area, and select cities in the United States.

Onsite Train The Trainer

Forklift Train The Trainer

Course Outline

  • You may have as many as four (4) Trainee’s per session 
  • Training to cover Train the Trainer program ONLY for Lift Truck Training,  Aerial Work Platform or Overheah Crane Training
  • Your trainer will only be certified to train your employees
  • Your trainer will have access to our training program through our on-line training site – they   can train one person at a time or a group of people at one time. 
  • Once your trainer has completed the classroom theory portion, then participants will take the online exam. After achieving a minimum score of 90%,  the trainer will log into the account to retreive the evaluation form – your trainer will evaluate the person operating the equipment.
  • When your trainer is satisfied the participant can safely and efficiently operate the equipment, your trainer faxes the competed evaluation to 866-735-0292 and we will deposit your certificate/wallet card in your accout where you can print it off. 

Please contact us for further details on our Occupational Health and Safety Management Programs