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Onsite forklift training license classes for Ontario and select cities in the U.S. We have 30+ years of lift truck training experience.

lift truck driver operator
Forklift Driver Operator

Our forklift training is just not limited to the Hamilton and The Greater Toronto Area. We have branched out to service our neighbors in Buffalo and Detroit in the United States.

What Sets Our Forklift Training Apart From Others?

Did you know that 30% of the North American population cannot read or write to a grade six (6) level. This is where the BRight Group's training puts us ahead of the pack. We have developed a training program where 90% of the trainees achieve 95% or better on the learner evaluations (due diligence). What does this mean for your company? We will cut lift truck training time in half, saving valuable time and money.

Our lift truck training staff is very flexible when booking your forklift classes or train the trainer.  (Days, Weekends etc We are also onsite safety consultants. We can assist you with your. occupational health and safety management program.