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30+ years of teaching onsite confined entry space training classes. We travel throughout Ontario, including Hamilton, London Grimsby, Oakville, Burlington and the Greater Toronto area. As well as Buffalo, Detroit and New York.

This safety program will assist in fulfilling management's obligations to ensure workers are trained and competent to deal with Confined Space Entry. Reduce the risk of accidents, which result from the lack of knowledge and compliance with standard safe practices, policies, and procedures for entry into confined spaces.

What Is Confined Space?

  • Enclosed or partially enclosed space that is not always primarily designed or intended for human occupancy.
  • Has a restricted entrance or exit by way of location, size or means.
  • Can represent a risk for the for the health and safety of employee / person who enters it, due to one or more of the following factors:
  • The materials or substances that occupies the space
  • Mechanical, process and safety hazards present.
  • The construction and design, location or atmosphere
  • The type of work activities being carried out in it.

All participants must complete theory, prior to practical training

  • Put on appropriate equipment
  • Simulate testing
  • Simulate being top person and monitoring
  • Actually enter a confined space (mock set/up or actual)
  • Observe to ensure all procedures & standards are complied to.

Simulated confined spaces exercise, where each participant will:

  • Review of specific confined spaces at your location
  • Review and discuss your confined space entry procedures
  • Use of on site entry equipment (lanyards, belts, harnesses, etc.)
  • Use of site respiratory equipment (SCBA's, respirators)
  • Use of on site testing and monitoring equipment
  • Use of on site entry permits